CH 22 The One With the Doors of Durin

But now, as a gaggle of Japanese men in tailored suits and polished shoes stride by (smelling expensive), Hanako feels like a fraud. She notices a few giving her the once-over as the doors slide closed. They were the type who could smell fear and polyester.

Ch 21 The One About "As Good As It Gets"

If you know me at all, you know how much I love movies and love squeezing every bit of meaning out of every, onscreen moment. One of my all-time favorite movies, is the perfect backdrop to talk to you about something personally life-changing. 

CH 17 The One About Living in Exile

Why did it sometimes hurt so much to think that everything wasn't for her? That the story she stepped into wasn't always her own? Wasn't it possible that God loved her and her friend equally? She'd always had the sneaking suspicion He played favorites.

CH 16 Free To Be Me...

I don’t think every gripe, challenge, or victory as we journey here in Japan will be beneficial to share…for myself or for you. But I do think there’s a lot I haven’t said so far, for the wrong reasons and I want to change that. If any of what I say resonates with you, the sharing will be worth it.


It's just that, she had naively thought that everything would simply fall into place as soon as they set foot on Japanese soil. Something deep in her, a familiar voice she had heard many times before had said, you take a step, I’ll be there to meet you.