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They had been in the country for less than two hours and she was already hyper aware of following the rules, doing nothing to offend, doing everything she could to make sure they didn’t stand-out.

Do you see who you’re with? He wants to remind her. There is nothing you’ll be able to do that’ll allow you to blend-in, darlin.

CH 1.5 LEAVING (Jiro)

Jiro grins at the dark-haired girl sitting in the back seat of his brother’s car, hoping his smile inspires confidence. He knows she’s trying to be funny in the way that she is expressing her feelings but he can hear the worry underneath.

CH 1 LEAVING (Hanako)

Jiro was music. He was the kind of music that made people stop and speculate. He was the kind of music people remembered even if they’d only been in touch with him once.