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Novel Synopsis (is evolving)

A contemporary romance set in a world as cozy as the Stars Hollow of The Gilmore Girls within the borders of a town as unforgettable as its cast of characters.


The Hurst family name has given Jake every opportunity in life and while this makes him cocky at times, he doesn’t take much for granted, including his place as COO of his family’s chain of luxury hotels.

Jake is good at what he does, but he’s restless, unable to define what he’s missing until he’s given the opportunity to risk everything he has in one sweeping decision that will change everything.

Olivia Weiss is a small-town girl living the California dream. She’s got a great apartment just minutes from the beach and is building a career for herself as a writer for hire. She thought she’d buried her old dreams in the little town of Tomahawk Hill where she grew up, until the tragic death of her beloved grandfather pushes old hurts and injustices back to the surface.

Sparks fly between Olivia and Jake as they find themselves on opposing sides in a battle for the future: theirs and Tomahawk Hill’s. Join Jake and Olivia as they run head-long into a small-town adventure that will capture your heart.

Preface: Olivia

Preface: Olivia

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