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Why I'm Uploading Free Chapters of my Novel and Editing as I Go...

I wrote this novel two years ago. Since then, it's undergone several revisions, been signed to a literary agency, been placed on the back burner as I wrote a second novel, lost representation, was rewritten again, and then became a giant roadblock in my ability to write anything new.

So I'm doing something new.
Because I don't think I can really move on until I've released this novel, I'm doing so, chapter by chapter as I once again rewrite it.  While some of the characters remain the same, the chapters are mostly brand new, which means you’re reading my very first draft (worked and reworked as I go).

As a result, there will be some editorial mistakes. I'll do my best to catch them, but the point of this exercise is for me to share what I've written with you--as I have longed to do for some time now--with the hope that I can move onto new stories with fresh characters. But first, I want you to meet my very first labors of love.


PS Please share the link to this novel with your friends, family and strangers ( : The biggest gift to a writer are readers who talk about what they’re reading. I’d love to know that you’re reading and that you’re loving it!

Novel Synopsis (is evolving)