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Cafes with Free Wifi

Cafes with Free Wifi

This is a working list of my favorite free wifi cafe spots in Tokyo that are great for working. Great for working for me means: free, fast wifi, plenty of outlets (unless otherwise noted), easy to find (comfortable) seating, decent coffee and some snack/food options and some ambiance. I also tend to gravitate toward coffee shops not to far from a station (10 min max). Easy in and easy out. Chain coffee spots will take a credit card but most of the smaller shops only accept cash (yen).

Free Wifi everywhere in Tokyo:



Beck's Coffee


Ueshima Coffee Ten


Coffee Valley: https://en.goodcoffee.me/coffeeshop/coffee-valley/


Cafe Fuu:  3 Chome-7-1 Ōtsuka, Bunkyō-ku, Tōkyō-to 112-0012


Fuglen Tokyo

Bondi Coffee and Sandwiches

Bondi Cafe




How to Get a Phone Plan in Tokyo

How to Get a Phone Plan in Tokyo